NanoStim is a PT2020 project (Co-Promotion with International Partnership) that has started on the 1st of April 2020 and is scheduled to last 3 years. It brings together a consortium of six Portuguese organisations (IncreaseTime, University of Minho, Polytechnical Institute of Bragança, Impetus, TeandM, and NATG) plus the University of Texas at Austin, to create an innovative muscular treatment system that is based on the use of (nano)electrodes integrated in a wearable.

  • The dry electrodes are based on advanced dual-purpose sculpted nanomaterials, which allow these electrodes to perform two different roles: detection of muscle dysfunction based on the monitoring of electromyographic bio-signals (EMG), and providing sustained electrical stimulation to treat it.
  • Designed to provide a comfortable skin contact without allergic dermatitis risks, the NanoStim system will be integrated into an easy to dress wearable, working as an assistive device in neurorehabilitation.
  • The bio signals are sent via the Internet to Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that process them to determine the correct levels of electrostimulation to be applied, allowing a therapy tailored to the needs of the patient.
  • This easy-to-use prototype integrated in clothing represents a unique evolution in the treatment of neurological, skeletal and muscular diseases and a milestone in the rehabilitation of motor disabilities.

Patients - formal caretakers App

The NanoStim project will also develop an app for smart devices which will enable the patient to connect with the system itself and to formal caretakers (such as medical doctors that provide remote monitoring), both of which allow the patient to receive support during their treatment. The patient, or an informal caretaker, will be able to contact the system via the app to learn about the current status of their ongoing treatment, to report on the sessions, to consult the history of the process, and to ask questions to the remote medical doctor (chat system). The medical doctor will use the app to manage their patients, to adjust the treatment sessions based on the received patient feedback, and to respond to questions from the latter.


Seven leading organizations to develop an effective solution

The NanoStim project brings together a group of seven leading organisations in various fields with the technical expertise to develop an effective solution, the market knowledge to guarantee that the solution is commercially attractive, and the contact networks to promote it through the industry.

The consortium is a well-balanced group where each partner has a specific main role: (nano)electrode development  (University of Minho), microelectronics (Polytechnical Institute of Bragança), wearable development (Impetus), electrode integration (TeandM), muscular treatment therapy (NATG), Artificial Intelligence (University of Texas Austin), software development and project management (IncreaseTime). Each partner was chosen based on the expertise required to fulfil its role, resulting a complementary of skills that guarantee the success of the project.

For more information about the project, contact the IncreaseTime coordinator Alfredo Silva